Why Fit3D for Your Posture Analysis?

As part of the 3D body surface scan, the Fit3D ProScanner includes an assessment of your full body posture, from eyes and ears to feet. Unlike other tools that evaluate posture, the Fit3D ProScanner analyzes the position of your ears and eyes as a baseline, which provides important insight into your head and neck positioning. Our Posture Analysis evaluates your shoulders, hips, knees and ankle positions when you are standing. It also provides posture Wellness Metrics on body shape, waist circumference, waist to hip and trunk to leg volume ratios, and more. 

This is particularly important for people with mobility issues, chronic neck, back, and other joint pain. A Posture Analysis can help you focus your time in the gym and during physical therapy on the right activities to strengthen your core. Over time, as your fitness and health improve, you can take repeat scans to see changes and further calibrate your posture. And the Fit3D ProScanner Posture Analysis is the only one of it’s kind that visualizes your changes with an avatar.

Check out this great video from our friends at Health + Fitness Testing NZ for a detailed analysis and tips on how to interpret your Fit3d Posture Report.